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Buy Whirl & Twirl & Swirl for $19.99cdn
(shipping included)

Whirl & Twirl & Swirl - Jessica Robinson
(click the underlined song titles for an MP3 format song sample)

  1. Sailing

  2. You Take My Breath Away

  3. Song of Bernadette

  4. Albert's Window

  5. Whirl & Twirl & Swirl

  6. Longer Than

  7. Kissless

  8. I Won't Keep You

  9. You Are There

  10. Until I Met You

Buy the Hummingbird CD for $19.99cdn (shipping included)

Hummingbird - Jessica Robinson
(click the song titles for an MP3 format song sample)

  1. Hummingbird

  2. Smoke and Mirrors

  3. I'll Save My Prayers  

  4. I Like This Place 

  5. There It Is

  6. Little Dirt Road

  7. Leader of the Band

  8. The Will to Try   

  9. That's Where I'd Be  

  10. There's Something About Planes

  11. Bridges Behind Me    




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